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Chinese Flowers Have Hidden Messages - Exactly what Message Are You Sending out in Your Next Bouquet?

You may be surprised to know that when you provide an arrangement of flowers to a Chinese person, she may pick up on a hidden significance - whether you plan it or not.

The type of flower and the variety of flowers in the arrangement have special significance in Chinese culture. Your present of flowers says more than just "I enjoy you." Other significances consist of:"I'm sorry," or "Will you marry me?"

... So select carefully!

And keep in mind that while lots of people know the special meaning, not everyone in China does. And to top it off, some Chinese individuals might attach a different, alternate significance than exactly what appears below. There is not one generally recognized significance for each number.

So how can you play it safe? How do you see to it she gets your true intent? Easy! Just compose your significance onto the card that chooses the flowers. That method, she'll understand your message and it will match the number of flowers in the arrangement.

Before you check out the examples listed below, keep in mind that the English phrases are sometimes clumsy or awkward sounding. Why? It's because the Chinese words are extremely poetic and often includes numerous sub-meanings, puns and rhythms which don't translate into English.

Chinese flower number significances:.

1 flower: I like just you. You, and only you, remain in my heart.
2 flowers: In my mind, I just consider you and me.
3 flowers: I love you.
4 flowers: Promise of love.
5 flowers: No regrets with you.
6 flowers: I hope everything goes your method.
7 flowers: I rejoice when I'm with you.
8 flowers: I ask forgiveness. Please forgive me.
9 flowers: No remorses. Permanently with you in love.
10 flowers: Perfect love.
11 flowers: Single-minded concentrate on your joy. Focusing on you with all my body and soul.
12 flowers: Soul connection.
13 flowers: A secret admirer.
15 flowers: I'm sorry.
17 flowers: Happy ending, leaving each other on excellent terms.
18 flowers: Sincere heart.
19 flowers: Looking forward to being with you.
20 flowers: Forever loving you with an unvarying heart.
21 flowers: You are my best love.
22 flowers: (Double 2: This number is incredibly popular in China, because a happy couple is 2 individuals (double joy). Since the number 22 has 2 two's, it's particularly significant.) In love to no end.
24 flowers: I miss you. I'm thinking about you.
25 flowers: Good luck.
30 flowers: Our love surpasses words.
33 flowers: I will constantly like you ... for several years, and for very long.
36 flowers: My heart belongs to you.
44 flowers: I guarantee my constant love for you.
50 flowers: No remorses.
55 flowers: I like you with no remorses.
56 flowers: My love.
60 flowers: Our love is extremely constant, strong and stable.
66 flowers: True steady love. Great mood.
Again, ensure you compose your intended meaning onto the card that opts for the arrangement. There's a big distinction between 18 flowers (Sincere Heart) and 17 flowers (Happy ending, leaving each other on good terms.) Make your meaning clear.
And if you want to create a more powerful impression? Compose it in Chinese!

It has all the Chinese translations of the Chinese flower significances, and it's created to work on your screen or printer even if you do not have the Chinese language set installed on your operating system. You can likewise find the significances all the way up to 999 flowers and beyond.